Jun 16, 2018



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I don't know what you think about it, but I think burials should be somehow represented in the game. I saw somewhere that you wrote that originally you had no plans for citizens to die of old age but now you're thinking about giving them long life. I like the idea of citizens dying of old age because it's simply realistic. And when they die - they should be buried somehow.


But I'm not thinking about need of building new grave for every dead citizen because it could make game too complicated and with too much micromanagement. It may be done however in a bit different way:


At the beginning you could choose the way your tribe bury their dead - throwing for animals to eat, burning or burying in the ground (some cultures may have only one historic option - like burying mandatory for Egyptians). Then, during game, players would have to mark a part of land for cemetery - nothing else could be built there and, as game progresses, new graves would be automatically added, just to signify the progress and that burials are taking place there, but without the need to micromanage all these burials. When player run out of space there - a new patch of land should be marked as cemetery.


Now - throwing bodies for animals to eat would require least space - just a patch of land or small tower (like in Persia) where bodies would be dumped (building or patch of land could change with time to show more bones lying there).


Burning would require more land because there should be place for the funeral pyres (burning from time to time to give impression there's funeral there) and small graves where jars with ashes were buried.


And traditional cemetery with traditional graves where whole bodies were buried. This cemetery would require bigger space than other ones (actually not "bigger space" but there would fit less graves there than on the burning one because graves would require more space and therefore less of them would fit the same space).


There could also be cemetery looking like small caves where jars with bones could be deposited.


That's what I'm thinking about (forgive crudeness, I'm not an artist ;) ) - in this case it's a burning grounds with small graves containing pots of bones and ashes:




Of course some cultures back then were burying their dead inside their homes (under floor), but forcing players to care for the dead and designing some space for cemetery would give better immersion (and improve health and happiness when we think about in-game benefits).


These would be graves for common people. Pyramids/mastabas and other monumental graves should work like monuments IMO.

Jun 18, 2018

Thanks for the suggestion and even an illustration!


I hadn't bothered with graves yet because I felt that it wouldn't bring enough to the game for the amount of work I would have to put in. But after you talk about it, I feel like it could add to the game and atmosphere. I think I would prefer it though if the pyres went only when people actually died (which isn't too difficult to implement, and this functionality could easily be extended to make the player need to expand/build more once the existing building was too busy ect).


It still is one of the less important things at the moment, but I'll put it on the list and make sure I come back to it later on, I think it would definitely add to the game.


Jun 18, 2018

Ligthning the pyres when someone actually died is the best option here, I just had no idea if this is easy or difficult to implement so I didn't mention it. And while it's true it doesn't add anything REALLY important for players, it could create better atmosphere and be a nice addition to the game.

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  • Firstable i'm sorry for my english, i am french. I see in the video on youtube, you can make some breeding. And i am thinking about others animals rarely bring in game. The cat can give a good advantage for secure harvest and dogs can protect from wild animals or help for hunting. A tribe with a tame cheetah can win a great prestige. Some birds, like hawk for hunt, ect. That just a idea, thank for your game Alex. Hope i can play quickely to your game :) Remenber the first time ,when i have 8 i think, have play to Age of, that was one of my best experience in my life. But you know no presure :)
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  • This is an idea I had, heavily inspired by the game Predynastic Egypt. So if it lies to close to that and is thus turned down, I'm won't put on the sad face. ;) The idea is that as you play the game to develop your city certain challenges comes up connected with the culture and location you're playing as perhaps one could also pick different sites depending on the cultures chosen. So that for example the Sumerians have Ur, Uruk, Lagash etc. while the Mycenaean games can be put in Pylos, Tiryns, Mycene etc. to chose from to place their city. Each location having a different set of resources, potentials and challenges. I suppose that these challenges could possible be to turned on and off, but perhaps only achivements can done when having them turned on? The idea is anyway that a certain situation emerges that the character must solve within a time limit in return for a boon or to avoid a drawback. These can be based on both mythological and historical events but without magico-religious effects. Although due to the early history this takes its work from, mythological may be as common as historical events. The reason as to why I think that this could be a cool ideas is also that rather than having a long sandbox right until the end of the Bronze Age, which will work for some, there could be some stuff to give some feeling of progression and of a kind of storyline for the city you're building. Just like in Pharao or Age of Empires where you're moved between different maps as you progress, here you'll get different challanges to mark that progression. Mycenaean example: Say that I'm playing at Pylos in a Mycenaean game. Then as I'm playing I get a challenge/mission that the king wishes for a new great palace to be built for him and I get to build a special building only available now, which is of course the Palace of Nestor, which will require some specialized craftsmen and some hard to get resources but if I'm successful I'll get a bonus from this Palace of Nestor throughout the game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_Nestor In Mycene it could be that one needs to build some spectacular tombs with gold treasures for the deed in excess of what's normally provided, or that in Thebes (I'm straying into mythology here) that a strange new cult has been introduced to the people and one must build a temple to Dionysos least people infatuated with the cult leaves the city in order to be able to worship this new god. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_grave_goods_at_Grave_Circles_A_and_B Sumerian example: And sauy that I'm playing with Uruk. Then perhaps there's a challenge to drive off the Gutian invaders, maybe there's a challenge to conduct a great sacrifice in order to bring Dumuzid back from the dead (with people really cast psycologically if failed) and so on, just like with the Mycenaean examples.