From the developer

Who am I?

I first started making my own games over 15 years ago. Since then I’ve worked in game studios in Australia (Firemint - now Firemonkeys) and Japan (Acquire), and remotely with the US and internationally on everything from Playstation & PC, PSP & handheld, mobile to browser & smartphone.

Initially an artist, I’ve slowly moved more and more to programming and design. Nowadays my time is spent on design, programming, artwork and everything in between.

I started working on Neolithic back in 2016 technically, though at that stage it was a different game. Since January of 2017 I have been on the project full time. It has come a long way but has a long way to go.

The project was inspired by Age of Empires I which was the game that made me decide to get into game development. Although Age of Empires 2 had better gameplay (and I've played a lot more of it) I much preferred the time period of AOE 1 and the art style.

These things have been the primary motivators for Neolithic, though Caesar III, Civ and other strategy games & city builders were also big influences.