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Current state of development

Updated November, 2022

The game is still in the testing phase of development. There is a lot already in the game, however this is a very large, detailed project. Currently, all Kickstarter supporters have joined testing (if you're a KS backer and haven't recieved your Steamkey please get in touch on Discord, here, through KS messages). 

I'm planning to expand testing by Christmas 2022 by implementing other support options which will be announced on Discord when they become available. When the game is ready, it will enter Early Access on Steam.

Thanks for your support and patience, I know a lot of you have been waiting for a very long time!

The game will expand a lot after release with additional cultures, units and functionality (for a very long time). So it's worth noting that release is definitely not the end of the journey.

Initial release will include 3 cultures - the Mycenaeans, Egyptians & Sumerians. This is intended to expand in future versions.

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