Nov 14, 2018

hi i'm new here. main question: all the aspects not reached by the kickstarter campaign will ever be available?

Nov 16, 2018

Welcome :) I'll be trying to do most of them if I can and keep expanding the game as long as it's popular. Was there something in particular you were wondering about? Multiplayer might be a big ask, but it would be nice, will see how things go.

Nov 16, 2018

The cool thing is having the ability to fight other town so ai in single player at first then a very unique idea is coop...but i mean if you implement the multiplayer could be i wrong?

another civ would be cool as well as chariots unit and a bit of variety in defensive building...i know i am asking a lot...then i saw picture where "you can create water" that an available option?

Nov 19, 2018

The game definitely won't be a competitive multiplayer game. What I'm thinking is more sandboxy where you just jump into the same world and interact how you want. But coop could be pretty fun I think and perhaps the most interesting aspect of multiplayer. But your right, you might just about forget someone else is in the game a lot of the time if you have different cities. This is why this feature isn't higher on the list (that and the difficulty factor).

I'll add civs as dev goes on. I really wanted to make the first 3 meaningful first, then add more to expand the game as I have time to do each properly and make them unique and interesting.

Chariots will come before release (they are a massive part of warfare in this era of course).

I'll be working on defensive buildings more when I get the AI armies happening.

You will be able to create canals before release and most functionality for them already exists (I'm a big fan of canals/bridges). Is that what you meant? Boats weren't on the campaign either but will be in before release (fishing/trade/transport but not military).

Nov 21, 2018

exactly the canal feature is spot on

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  • i was watching the trailers so: -how many models for house or structeres are available?do we have only one type of wall and towers for each civ? -will you implement stuff like temples or high end house? -do you have a population limit? -military is going to be an option available only at late stage of the game? -is it possible to create elevated structeres?see picture
  • i missed your kickstarter, may i pre-order or send you money on paypal? i really like this type of historical RTS and you support linux, mac osx, and windows.
  • To make food more easy to worth and value, I don´t know if you give it a nutrition value based on protein. It is protein that made our brain grow and nutrition satisfaction that gave us free time to experiment. Also contact to others gave us more technology. I realy would like to download the game and try it out and maybe make german translation. If wanted. After the hunter and gatherer, where we first came into contact this seeds of wild grain, we started with domestication of animal and for some time we where normads with small own herds of goats and sheeps and it started with wolfs, domesticated to dogs, they aided in the herd protection and keeping. And the woman back home twithe the kids started planting seed. And the more productive the seeds became, the smaller herds become and hunting became a extra protein bonus, as long as game was present. So in some areas like the nil, seeds where so productive that cows, goats and ducks where not the main fed anymore. In other areas, arid areas the herd animals where the main fed, for the people and this made them more nomadic than in other reagions. Protein consumtion is the key to evolution. After that the presents of trading goods is next level. If you have food - transportable and some how kept from spoiling, you can trade it. Same with other goods that raw material is nearby and can be upgraded to something worth. See the stonecutter manufacturer in Iran, they where able to cut hard nice looking stone into perls and cups and traded it for other need suff. Pottery and after that metal was traded. Oh my god I let myself go and wrote far to much