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A Return to Development

After 28 days on Kickstarter, the campaign wound up at 162%. It was an amazing experience. I've had a bit of a day to collect myself today, but even as the final moments were ticking over I was actually really enthusiastic about what it all meant - this is actually happening. I can't wait!

On a side note, for the entire last week of the campaign (and still now as I type), my wife has been in bed with the nasty flu that is going around. I didn't want to take any focus from the campaign by mentioning it before, but I was actually full time with my 2 boys the whole time. It was great to spend time with them, but a very tiring week, trying to fit 7 hours or more in each night after they went to bed! I'm very proud that I managed to do both though. I think the adrenaline from everything that was going on helped.

To cut a long story short, it was awesome, but I'm pretty tired! I'm gong to take a couple of days so I can return with full focus on what comes next. I think I had underestimated how intense Kickstarter can be (even though everyone told me). I'm so happy with how things turned out though, it has been amazing!

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