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Dev Update

I just finished posting the very delayed Gameplay 2 video, you can check it out here:

After losing a lot of time around the Christmas holidays here in Australia I've been playing catch up. Unfortunately I didn't end up actually catching up much which has been really frustrating (and hence the delay with this video which was meant to be out over a month ago). Some bugs might have even put me further behind.

Next step is basically starting testing (though initially this will be a very small/closed group), but if things go well I'll be opening things up more.

At the moment the goal is simply to make a decent city builder before moving on too much (with maybe some basic enemies around for testing). Once the city building is a bit more developed, I'll move on to expanding the map (some of which is already implemented, but in kind of limbo until I finish the city stuff).

Basically feeling like this stuff needs to be balanced and working correctly before moving forward as the map/world stuff will complicate things a lot.

I'll be working from Japan at the end of next month for a few weeks (visiting in-laws). Can't wait to get some Japanese food!

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