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Update from Japan

I'm currently in Japan, heading back to Tasmania on Thursday evening.

It has been a good trip. Though it's been technically a working holiday it hasn't all been dev. I spent a few days in Korea visiting friends too. A good mate has a "Retro Game Bar" in Hongdae which was totally awesome. I also met some big names in E-Sports over there (commentators) who hang out at the bar. I definitely recommend it if you're going through Korea.

Japan has been great too. I've had all the food I can eat (while trying to avoid putting on too much weight haha). I'm going to miss this place so much. But I guess time to head home!

There was a Kickstarter update on the 2nd of June which I forgot to post here:

I'll be posting monthly updates (as mentioned in the Kickstarter update). So I'll make sure to add them here also.

The next few days will be mostly work before we head off. I'm hoping to get some towns into the new map and finish deserts, so I'll let you know how that goes in the next update in a week or 2!

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