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Update for August, Development Page

For those who missed it, I posted an update on Kickstarter for August about a week ago. As I mention in the update, I've had to redo the pathing system, but I think in the long run this will save a lot of time and have a lot of advantages as it will give me much more control for custom functionality.

I've also added a dev page to the website here.

The idea behind this is to give people a more details idea of what's going on with development.

It's been a long weekend with personal stuff coming up Friday and Monday and a pretty slow week last week, so looking forward to getting stuck into it again today.

Aside from that, we're coming up on 1 year since the Kickstarter which is something to think about. On one hand, it's a little sad the game isn't further along and I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but looking back the game has come along quite a way and is really starting to reflect the design.

I have a feeling September will be a big month! Not too many distractions scheduled and a lot of big changes to come, so we'll see!

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